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We simplify the PEO shopping experience for you, allowing you to only deal with one PEO consultant instead of many.

We won’t try to force our solutions on to you. We will base our solutions on your needs.

We have consolidated all of the PEO quoting requirements into one simple form so you don’t have to send the same date to multiple companies.

We will summarize our findings into a consolidated analysis giving you an apples to apples comparison of all of the PEO quotes.  About 80% of the time we do an analysis we can find substantial expense reductions around admin, health insurance, SUTA or workers comp premiums.  PEO Connections does not charge anything to work with you. We get paid a finder’s fee by our PEO partners, so you get our knowledge of the PEO industry for free and don’t have to deal with a bunch of sales reps who have quotas to meet and pressure to “close” you.  We will work with you in a consultative manner. We will stay with you through the lifetime of the partnership, from the signing of contracts through implementation and through the life of your partnership with the PEO.

Richard Onder, CEO


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As a Businessman/woman, you are always looking to trim the excess spending within your company. I can show you how simple that is. As you know when you outsource your needed services to a business, they have their own internal costs which include overhead, location costs, employee costs to support you in the areas of Payroll, Human Resources, Safety/Risk Management and especially Benefits where the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT has everyone concerned. The SOLUTION.... simple, Simplify your business by having all of these needed and essential services under one roof, one call, one solution. 

Providing Solutions to businesses that want to grow internally through employee performance, productivity, and wish to streamline their daily work processes by reducing frivolous paperwork that is currently completed by highly compensated employees. We free up time for your key people to focus on revenue producing projects, and help your business by negotiating pricing in key business areas such as Employee ancillary plans, Workers Comp., and Health Insurance. We also support your business with teams that are educated and experienced in HR, Safety, Risk Management, Payroll, payroll services, taxes, and Benefits, which allows you to compete with your competitors and grow your Business on a daily basis. We're home grown, Texas but provide solutions to businesses throughout the U.S. NO WORKERS COMP DEPOSITS REQUIRED, In most cases LOWER PREMIUM RATES.. In addition, we Provide ACA Health programs to help LOWER HEALTH care costs by aggressively pursuing the various markets we are familiar with. 
Where you will be provided with HR, LEGAL, SAFETY, PAYROLL, Provide WORKERS COMP. (you pay no Deposit)....and we will even handle YOUR BENEFIT needs along with
DENTAL, VISION,......HEALTH.......401K....all this for much less then you could imagine.

Let's meet, and I am sure to make it a profitable meeting identifying areas to reduce costs with a comparison quote.

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